How does a Solutions Engineer help customers minimize their risk exposure caused by TP vendors?

Look for Gary Phipps' expert answer to this - coming soon.


  • It's important to understand what Solutions Engineers are first.  Solutions Engineers are typically individuals that worked in a specific industry and mastered their craft as a practitioner before beginning to help other practitioners master their craft in the same or similar discipline.  
    My team members are all well-steeped risk or security experts.  When applied appropriately, we start by seeking to understand the prospect or client's opinion of what the business challenge is they are trying to solve for.  In this case, it would be trying to figure out how to best apply a limited budget to a seemingly unlimited problem.  As experts, we have a suitcase full of best practices that we can deploy to help program managers get their arms around the monumental task of just understanding who their vendors are.  
    Once we automate the identification and classification on all vendors, the starting point to begin decreasing exposure reveals itself.  We then lay out a phased plan to begin assessing and addressing gaps related to the highest risk vendors.
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