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Are there plans for us to be able to run reports on the vendors in our portfolio. 


  • uhlemeyc,

    In the platform today is the profile page for each company in your portfolio, with detailed control info for the ones where you have ordered an assessment.  That data can be exported into a .xls file or into a formatted pdf report.

    Coming in about a month is a more comprehensive portfolio analysis capability, where you can filter your portfolio and compare companies along different control scores or other metrics.  This will also include the ability to view which controls are showing up as gaps most frequently across the portfolio as well as which companies have the greatest number of control gaps, also filterable by industry or specific tags. 
  • Just a follow-up to this post...I'd like to be able to report on (e.g.) Vendors by largest number of high-risk gaps or, vendors by control gaps in category 3.4. Is that possible, and can the results be exported to xls?
  • Great question - this is a consistent 'ask' from many of our Customers. Customization of reports is on the longterm Product Map - when a definitive date is available - we will post it.
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